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Finally took delivery of my new MacBookPro last weekend, and still haven’t got used to the amount of power this laptop has. I spec’d it out to the max, aside from the internal SSD capacity.

The BMCC has basically forced me to upgrade to thunderbolt across the board!  I’m currently working out what to do with regards to my audio mixing setup, as firewire appears to be retired as far as Apple is concerned (Adapters work, but no bus power via thunderbolt from now on). My main interest is in running Davinci Resolve in a workable fashion, after trying various weak configurations on my ageing Mac Pro.

I’ve purchased a Blackmagic Ultrastudio to output a video stream to my monitor. Resolve isn’t really designed to be used as a one monitor setup, and I’ve made it a best practice to grade video whilst viewing it full size on the external monitor and in the main interface. My Apple Cinema display works well for more UI space, or for placing the various scopes on as well.

The raw roundtrip is not as bad as I had feared to be honest, probably put off by all the blog posts on the internet! I originally had to ProRes all my footage from using FCP a few years ago, so prepping and logging footage wasn’t such a big deal. Using raw footage in Resolve is a little different than ProRes footage, the exposure controls in the raw tab behave differently than the colour wheels.

I’ll post some Resolve benchmarks asap (on this post), but it’s a far more responsive system than my previous setup!