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videoOutI don’t often need to run video feeds into the NLE, and Premiere CC initially ‘broke’ getting a video out signal to my HDMI 1080p screen anyway. When needed, I had to boot up Premiere CS6 (installed on the same machine)….

Recently I needed to capture the screen output of an ipad3 for a iOS app advert, and for a while I couldn’t get any signal at all into the Mac Pro.

I tried playing around with the driver controls, searched forums and created a timeline with the Blackmagic presets (a good idea by the way, the presets hadn’t originally installed correctly with Adobe CC apps) and finally saw the settings tab on the ‘capture footage’ window. It’s on the right next to logging! Pretty silly to miss.

You need to find the correct Resolution and frame rate to get any signal to show up at all, the Apple TV I used was 720p and 50fps I believe. When connecting my MacBook Pro up to the card, I needed a interlaced setting in the dialogue window…

It’s a shame you don’t get any kind of display in the Capture window before the settings are correct, I tried installing a lot of different drivers before I noticed the settings tab!